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What is an archive?

According to the heritage code revised on 3 January 1979, archives are all documents produced in the course of an activity to keep track of the actions of a person or a public or private organisation through various media such as paper, photographs, electronic data, etc., but also films on photographic media, or electronic data stored on a floppy disk or a CD-ROM, etc.

Why archive?

For a better research and reading comfort, we have grouped in this tab [archives], all the old issues, volumes published since the creation of the Akofena magazine. With time, the [archives] will be enriched with future issues. Since 08 May 2021, the [special] and [journal] tabs contain only current issues. From now on, to search for an old issue/volume, you will have to refer to the [archives].


N°001- Mars 2020

N°002, Vol.1 – Septembre 2020

N°002, Vol.2 – Septembre 2020

N°003, Vol.1 – Mars 2021

N°003, Vol.2 – Mars 2021

N°003, Vol.3 – Mars 2021


Unlike the March-September periodicals, the Special Issues are not bound to a fixed period of the year. Indeed, they are usually derived from the proceedings of scientific symposia, collective works, etc. However, the publication of a Special Issue is required to comply with the Editorial Policy and the APA Nomes in force.

Spécial n°1 – Septembre 2019
Spécial n°2 – Juin 2020
Spécial n°3 – Octobre 2020
Spécial n°4 – Novembre 2020
Spécial n°5
Décembre 2020
Spécial n°6, Vol.1 
Juin 2021
Spécial n°6, Vol.2
Juin 2021
Last updated on May 08, 2021