Call for papers  varia n°13 – Deadline September 15th 2024 <> Call for papers varia n°13 – Deadline September 15th 2024

Akofena is published by the Centre de Recherche sur le Arts et la Culture (CRAC). It is based at the Institut national supérieur des arts et de l’action culturelle (INSAAC). Its activities cover all aspects of Language, Literature, Languages and Communication Sciences. It publishes only unpublished articles that have received positive approval from two anonymous instructors (specialists). Akofena is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original and high quality research articles. To be published, each draft article is double-checked and then subjected to an anti-plagiarism detection. The articles published are original depending on whether they come from language sciences, discourse analysis, literature, linguistic grammar, communication, etc. As an academic scientific journal for student researchers, researchers and teacher-researchers, we aim to be a platform for the popularisation of advanced scientific production, and above all to facilitate academic exchanges between researchers. For its tenth (13) varia issue to be published in Setember 2024, the scientific journal Akofena is calling for contributions on all aspects of Language, Literature, Language and Communication Sciences and related disciplines. Draft articles can be written in French, English, Spanish or German in Word format.

Recommendation to authors

Minimum number of pages: 10 pages, maximum: 16 pages, line spacing: simple. Numerical numbering in Arabic numerals, at the bottom right of the page concerned. Font: Bodoni. Size 12. Orientation: Portrait. Margins: Top and Bottom: 3cm, Right and Left: 3cm.

For an article that is a theoretical and fundamental contribution: Title, First and Last name of the author, Home institution, ORCID iD, E-mail address, Abstract in French, Keywords, English translation in title of the article, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction (justification of the theme, problematic, hypotheses/scientific objectives, approach), Articulated development, Conclusion, Bibliographical references.

For an article resulting from field research: Title, First name(s) and NAME of the author, Home institution, ORCID iD, E-mail address, Abstract in French, Keywords, English translation in title of the article, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Bibliographic references.

How to apply?

All manuscripts sent to Akofena must be unpublished. Manuscripts must meet the following requirements:

Title: The first page should include the title of the paper, the First and Last Names of the authors, their institution of affiliation and their email address, telephone number (WhatsApp).

The abstract should not exceed 350 words. It should be succinct so as to highlight the essence of the analysis.

Keywords should not exceed five words.

Translate the title of the subject into English when the article is written in French. For any other language than French, the translation of the title, the summary and the keywords into French is required.

The introduction should provide sufficient background information, setting the context in which the study was undertaken. It should enable the reader to judge the qualitative value of the study and assess the results obtained.

Body of the subject: The different parts of the body of the subject must appear in a logical order. (e.g. 1; 1.1; 1.2; 2; 2.1; 2.2; etc.). The introduction and conclusion are not numbered.

Footnotes do not refer to bibliographic references, but to additional information.

Citations are integrated into the citing text according to APA standards.

Further details on APA standards
The articles must be sent before September 15th 2024
Deadline for submission: September 15th 2024
Dispatch of offprints: to September 20, 2024
Online: September 30, 2024
Publication or insertion fees

Submission fee: 0.0F CFA

Publication/insertion fees are paid only after acceptance of the article by the appraisal experts.

Amount: 55.000F CFA

Waiver policy
  • Submissions are free
  • In order to encourage and help students of Language Sciences of the University Félix Houphouët-Boigny (Côte d’Ivoire), a discount of 15.000F CFA is applied for any article accepted after evaluation.

Amount: 0 CFA

Amount: 40.000F CFA

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